Audials TV

Audials TV

AudialsTV streams all possible music channels to the users PC for entertainment
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Audials TV is brilliant software that is also known as Music TV. There are many software’s available in the market that allows users to view different TV channels. Of all the channels available, music channels are a craze among youngsters today. So for this aim Audials TV has been introduced.

This software can stream all possible music channels to the user’s PC for entertainment in all situations. It can either be watched or listened to. Other activities like net surfing or some other works can also be done. This software can be used as a gadget when it is attached to Vista. Along with its interface designs, all of different categories, it can be used alone.

Generally, when we see this TV, we find that there are very few channels in it. But that is not all. The sender button can be clicked for checking out the total list available. All famous channels can also be found, like MTV. All the channels do not come with the same quality of music and video. Some times some channels are not available at all.

This software is available in English only and it works only on Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

Luis Sanchez
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Discontinued by the developer.

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